A helping hand
for your health!

Luci is an app designed to improve your cognitive health by helping you adopt healthy lifestyle habits.

Help take good care of your brain with Luci. Your coach will accompany you every step of the way to keep you motivated so you can reach your goals.

in a few easy steps…


Evaluate your lifestyle

Answer a few quick questions about your life.

Your coach

Your coach will be with you, supporting you on your healthy journey.


Your action plan

Your coach will help you create a personalized action plan to meet your goals.

Develop your knowledge

Check the resource bank to discover tips and practical advice.


Start improving!

Gradually integrate your chosen activities into your lifestyle.


Luci will be right here with you for the entire journey!

Luci is constantly evolving

Our team is hard at work to ensure all of Luci’s features are as useful and enjoyable as possible.