Our Team

Our research, technology, marketing and business development departments unite a variety of diverse and highly complementary talent. Backed by their dedication and commitment, Lucilab has its heart and mind set on achieving its societal mission of preventing Alzheimer's disease.

Marc-André Chagnon

Marc-André Chagnon, MsC


Pierre Bérubé

Pierre Bérubé

Executive Director

Isabelle Lussier

Isabelle Lussier, PhD

Research and Intervention Director

Sylvianne Chaput

Sylvianne Chaput


Juliette Guillemont

Juliette Guillemont, M.Sc.

Project management consultant, Research & Intervention

Maxime Lévesque

Maxime Lévesque, eng.

Senior product manager

Sophie Geoffrion

Sophie Geoffrion, MBA, PMP

Marketing manager

Laurence Lemaire

Laurence Lemaire, CPA

Accounting manager

Cindy Laplante, RD

Writer-editor specialized in heatlh

Maria Alcaraz, M.Sc.

UX/UI Designer

Flavie Laroque

Flavie Laroque, Ph.D.

Research professional

Guillaume Filion

Guillaume Filion

Administrative Assistant

Zacharie Klok

Lead dev

Our advisers

As members of our multidisciplinary team, Luci's healthy lifestyle advisors are carefully trained to meet behavioural change goals in three areas of life: diet, physical activity and intellectual stimulation. These areas have been scientifically chosen for their contribution to the prevention of cognitive decline.

Our advisors offer complementary profiles and varied areas of expertise that help create a community of practice that strengthens our team considerably. This collaborative approach is one of the many factors that sets Luci apart from conventional apps aimed more specifically at sports, nutrition or brain training.

Connie Ann Ramos

Connie Ann Ramos, RD

Senior Advisor and Community of Practice Leader

Charles-Émile Desgagnés-Cyr

Charles-Émile Desgagnés-Cyr, M.Sc.

Senior advisor

Marianne Vipond

Marianne Vipond, M.Sc.

Senior advisor

Maude Lagacé

Maude Lagacé, RD


Vincent Dubé

Vincent Dubé, B.Sc.


Stuardo Bonilla Duque

Stuardo Bonilla Duque, B.Sc.


Naiandra Dittrich

Naiandra Dittrich, Ph.D.


Laetitia Poirier

Laetitia Poirier, RD


Soraya Ziou

Soraya Ziou, RD


"Changing your lifestyle is an evolution rather than a resolution. It's a long-term commitment that requires the right support. My knowledge of healthy eating as well as my great listening skills allow me to guide you throughout your change process."

Connie Ann Ramos, healthy lifestyle advisor

"Positivity and enthousiasm are my best tools for promoting an open, transparent, and honest conversation. My goal? Support and motivate our participants in their journey towards a healthy lifestyle."

Charles-Émile Desgagnés-Cyr, advisor

"Patient and dedicated, I will be your partner in the adoption of new lifestyle habits. Coun't on me to support you and keep you motivated during the whole process!"

Marianne Vipond, advisor

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